Parents post 1,500 pictures of children on social media before fifth birthday

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Parents are posting an average of 1,500 images of their children on social media by the time their child starts primary school, a study has found.

Helping with homework means children do worse at school

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Children whose parents help them to do homework are likely to do worse at school, according to a study. The finding surprised researchers as almost every other form of parental engagement with their child’s education, such as reading at home or attending parents’ evenings, is associated with higher achievement.

How to break your family’s screen addiction

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Children’s screen time has crept up relentlessly over the past ten years. It’s time for parents to act, says one expert Is your child a screen addict? If you think your answer is no, consider this: do they pester you for the iPad, then get upset when told their

Majority of retiring teachers are under 60

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More than four-fifths of all primary school teachers who retired last year had not reached the official retirement age. As the annual cost of paying pensions to retired teaching staff rose by more than €30 million in 2015, to €739 million, figures published by the Department of Education showed

Nine out of ten primary teachers are women

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Ireland has one of the highest gender imbalances among teachers in primary and secondary schools in western Europe, according to new EU figures.

Lessons Learnt

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Good teachers have nothing to fear from a disciplinary process that finally imitates other professions More than the members of any other profession, teachers can have a long and lasting influence on vast numbers of a country’s population.


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Sources of data Entry standards, student-staff ratios, services and facilities spend, completion rates, Firsts and 2:1s, graduate prospects and the 2014 Research Excellence Framework staffing data were supplied by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (Hesa), which provides a system of data collection, analysis and dissemination in relation to higher

Foreign teachers may need to earn £35,000… or leave

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Thousands of experienced teachers from abroad will be sent home under new immigration rules if they do not earn £35,000 a year.

Make the numbers add up

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Finances for university can look like a minefield, but getting to grips with the system is relatively straightforward, says Rob Fowler, the co-ordinator of the student money advice and rights team at the University of Derby. The key: apply for loans early, prioritise accommodation costs and don’t ignore budgetary

Why you shouldn’t be in a hurry to pay off student debt

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The Brexit vote may be causing interest rates on loans to fall through the floor, but, sadly, for students and graduates there is one exception. Rates on newer student loans will soar by up to 75 per cent this month because of an ill-timed rise in inflation this year.