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Introducing Healthy Eating in the EYFS

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Obesity has become a pervasive problem within our schools. A handful of recent statistics can help to shed some light upon this disturbing observation. Did you know that 9.9 per cent of reception-age children are considered to be overweight? This figure jumps to a staggering 21 per cent when

Homeschooling Supplies: 8 Must-Haves For Your Homeschool Classroom

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a global impact on education. Many schools have closed down and turned to online learning to curb the spread of coronavirus. However, attending school via Zoom can take a toll on students. This has driven several parents to try out homeschooling. As a parent,

Finding Fun for Your Kid at Home

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When you look at your kid at home, do you feel like they are happy and have fun things to do more times than not under your roof? Keeping your kid focused and having fun are two things any parent would want for their children. So, can you do

High School Astronomy Essay

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Writing such an essay for a high school is way less bothering and tiring than writing an essay for a college school or student. It calls for more understanding, focusing, reading, writing, and even evidence. But if one dreams of becoming an astronaut, then one is up for a

7 ways coronavirus has changed the education world forever

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With the COVID-19 pandemic having led to school closures affecting – according to the World Economic Forum – over 1.2 billion children globally, it’s hard not to raise the question of whether the international education system has been permanently altered. Even University students have had to adapt to social

Why Students Should Care About Their Credit Scores

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A students credit score is the credit report that shows credit transactions of students. This credit score indicates how well or otherwise a student has managed their spending and credits. You can find out more information about how credit scores work here. Putting efforts into knowing about one’s credit

What Makes Vaping a Better Alternative for College Students?

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All from health risks to awful odor, we can all agree that smoking is never a recommendable thing for anyone. It is not something you want to be doing while at school. You do not want to go to class with the strong cigarette stench that disturbs everyone in

3 Ways Biology Apps Can Help You Be More Successful in Class

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Biology is a very important area of science that we should all know more about. Whether you are a student taking high school or college level courses in Biology, or if you have recently graduated and want to make a career out of your science skills, there’s an app

Tips for Biking Your College Campus

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Whether you purchase one of the newer Aventon electric bikes or manage to find one for cheap at a yard sale, there are many brilliant reasons to get a bike to use around your college campus. The number one reason is that they will make sure you’re never late

The Best Shoes To Wear With Jeans

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Jeans are no longer the fashion attire for those who just want to be seen as comfortable, carefree or happily unemployed. You can now be assured jeans will be viewed as appropriate apparel for special, professional and sporty environments. The type of shoes that you pair your denims with,