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How to choose the right ties for your school?

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Uniform is an important part of school life. It affects the way people perceive our school, the students within it and -to some extent- it even affects the way students behave. There are many benefit of school ties for your school uniform, but how do you choose the right

CHEAT SHEET: Student Life in Australia

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You’ve decided to study abroad and, of course, Australia caught your attention with its stunning nature, breathtaking sights and rich culture. However, student life doesn’t consist of mere sightseeing and adventures in the open. Here’s everything you need to know about being a student in Australia.

Behaviour Management Techniques for Primary Students

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During the first years of a child’s education, they are very susceptible to misbehaviour. Primary students especially need to be monitored and rewarded and disciplined so that when they move up in education they are able to represent well behaved students.

How to Help KS5 English Literature Students Use Scholarly Quotes

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When literature students are still at SAT or GCSE level, they’ll generally only need to worry about quoting from the set novel, play, or book of poetry. However, one of the changes that comes with moving to KS5 English literature is needing to consider the wider critical context of

4 Reasons to Choose a Gold Coast University

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When you have to choose a place to study, you take several criteria into account. For example, the study programs, quality of life, dorm availability, or even the nightlife in the places you’re considering. Well, we’ve found a place that covers it all. Here are all the reasons you

What all students should know about their gas and electric bills

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Living as a student isn’t easy: coursework, exams and deadlines, not to be aided by the fact that you are now in charge of all of your bills and outgoings. Unless you’re lucky enough to have some form of external funding, getting by on just your student loan will

Back To School Study Habits in 2017

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It is that time of the year again when we have to leave the luxuries of holiday and go back to school. While holiday gave you the much-deserved rest, it is time to pick up the books again. So learning how to study is one of the biggest investments

Landlords insurance for students

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Students are different! If you’ve had children of your own or remember those days when you were at school, college or university, you’ll know the truth of that. However, what you might not know is that letting to students requires thinking about your landlords’ insurance.

UK Gets its First and Only #BeNiceBus Launched by Stagecoach

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The UK saw the launch of its first and only #BeNiceBus with bus operator Stagecoach bus teaming up with The Diana Award charity for its launch. The Diana Award operates the UK and Ireland’s leading Anti-Bullying campaign, which equips young people with the skills, confidence and training to tackle


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Sources of data Entry standards, student-staff ratios, services and facilities spend, completion rates, Firsts and 2:1s, graduate prospects and the 2014 Research Excellence Framework staffing data were supplied by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (Hesa), which provides a system of data collection, analysis and dissemination in relation to higher