Why Should Families Choose Serviced Apartments Over B&Bs?

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Choosing the right accommodation is important for any holiday, but it’s absolutely vital when you’re travelling with your family. A bed & breakfast might sound tempting at first, but here are just a few reasons why a serviced apartment will almost certainly suit you better.

Space to Stay in Together

Bed & breakfasts should have a living room area where guests can relax together, but most families prefer having their own space. That’s exactly what they’ll get with a serviced apartment, plus home comforts like a TV, DVD player, and usually a few board games.

Cooking for the Kids

A bed & breakfast might offer a few options when you want dinner or breakfast, but you’ll generally be choosing from a very small selection. Serviced apartments work better for families because they offer their own fully fitted kitchens. If you want to prepare packed lunches to save money while you’re exploring or make sure the needs of your fussiest kids are catered for, having your own kitchen is going to be useful.

No Schedule

One of the main problems people have with bed & breakfasts is that they need to run on their own rather tight schedule. You’ll usually need to be at the table at a certain time for breakfast and dinner, and you might have to get back at certain times. This can be an issue for families who need to get their kids to sleep or have them fed at their own certain times.

Clean & Sanitized Space

If you are looking for accommodation that is spotless and thoroughly sanitized, then serviced apartments can stand as an ideal choice. These properties receive exclusive maintenance from their owners, promptly addressing any repairs or replacements needed. Cleanliness takes precedence and often involves hiring professionals who can offer commercial cleaning services in Calgary or other locations. As a result, guests are welcomed with sparkling floors, fresh bedding, and pristine utensils, easing concerns about family members falling ill, especially young ones.

Less Need to Worry About Noise

Imagine staying in a place so noisy that it feels like your ears might explode. The constant cacophony becomes a major distraction, hindering your ability to spend quality time with your loved ones. Clearly, this is far from an ideal getaway. Now, picture being in a serviced accommodation for a business trip, and during important meetings, you are subjected to loud noises that push you to the brink of annoyance. Such a situation is undoubtedly frustrating, and it might even lead you to consider leaving the accommodation altogether. Clearly, noise-free and peaceful surroundings are essential for a pleasant stay, especially during business trips or vacations with loved ones.

Individuals need things to be quiet so they can all get enough sleep, but they also need thick enough walls to keep any energy-packed younger kids or crying babies from getting on the nerves of other guests. Your average bed & breakfast will have thin walls and not much space between rooms, so they’re really not a great option for families. Serviced apartments keep things nicely insulated.