Parent Talk is a group of parents of primary school students from Kinsbrooke Primary School, London. The focus of this group is to raise awareness about all the problems or issues that the kids face in terms of their education and interpersonal growth.

After a specific problem is brought into light, all parents gather up to actively take an initiative towards resolving the problem by coming up with practical solutions and raising funds for the cause, if necessary.

The main focus of this association is also to raise fund for the equipment and facilities that are needed by the children for which the school does not get any funding from the Government.

All of the members of Parent Talk are parents themselves and we realize how much exhausting the educational system of the day has become for our kids. Experts suggest that there should not be any educational burden on the kids until they’re at least 4 years old because the first 4 years of the kids, they learn by looking around and paying attention to their surroundings. However, the competition demands the enrollment of children as soon as they’re 3 which in its own sense is an intense burden for a developing mind.

To help our kids cope with the stress that comes along with their education, we regularly arrange outdoor trips so that they can reconnect with their own selves and nature.  

We also organize a number of arts and crafts fair on a regular basis so to enhance the creativity of our kids which also helps them learn while having fun. All such events are proven to be a bonding experience between the parents and their kids.

Thoughtfully arranged arts and crafts projects for the kids not only help them develop problem solving skills but also boost their self-esteem as well.

Our meetings are scheduled each month on a pre-decided day at the school auditorium in which all the parents actively take part and new parents are warmly welcomed. However, it is not compulsory to be present at each meeting to be an active member of the group and many parents prefer getting updates via the email newsletter so to keep track of all the important events. All parents are welcomed to work as volunteers and managing small tasks for the regularly held events, for example, wrapping gifts or making charts.

We, the parents at Parent Talk, plan and execute all the events by ourselves on a regular basis throughout the academic year.  As mentioned above the events organized by Parent Talk include arts and crafts fairs, outdoor sports, and visits to the nearby parks and museums, and a lot more.

We also organize fundraising events for the schools which include a number of stalls in which both parents and kids can equally take part. We mainly focus on organizing fundraising event that not only help contribute for the cause but are also a fun and helping experience for the parents and children at the same time, for example, home baked food sales, second hand story books and uniform sales, new uniform sales etc.