Tips for Biking Your College Campus

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Whether you purchase one of the newer Aventon electric bikes or manage to find one for cheap at a yard sale, there are many brilliant reasons to get a bike to use around your college campus. The number one reason is that they will make sure you’re never late to classes, as with the hustle and bustle of campus life, they offer a quick and efficient means of getting from point A to point B. This is why it is not unusual for college students and even faculty to look for city bikes for sale to help them get around campus. Bicycles are an economical and environmentally-friendly form of transportation which is what makes them the college student’s perfect companion. However, if you decide to go the bike route, there are a few tips you should know to make your daily commute safe for everyone.

Pay Attention

First, pay attention. While the best beach cruiser bikes may advertise laid back riding and easy living, too much relaxation can lead to accidents and injuries. Campuses have a lot of foot traffic, and many people don’t pay attention to bicycles, especially when they approach quickly. Also, when riding, it is a good idea to stop at all crosswalks regardless of who has the right of way. Drivers often don’t see bicyclists until it’s too late.

Ride with Traffic

Unfortunately, this is a rule too many people still get wrong. Never ride against traffic. Ride with traffic. When you ride on the left side, or against traffic, you increase your closing speed with approaching vehicles, which means both of you have less time to avoid a potential collision. Stay safe and stay on the right.

Obey Traffic Laws

Another thing many cyclists are guilty of is failing to follow traffic laws. If you are riding in the street, then it is best to act like you are driving a car. Obey traffic signals and stop at stop signs. If you are riding on sidewalks, then obey crosswalk signals. Also, when on the road, be sure to use hand signals to let drivers know where you are going and what you are doing.

Use Lights and Reflectors

Riding titanium bikes made in usa is all about being as visible as possible. As a result, you should wear brightly colored or neon clothing. Use lights and reflectors on your bike, especially if you intend to ride after dark. Purchase a bright helmet or apply reflective tape to your helmet.

Purchase a Backpack or Rack

Never carry things, steering with one hand or less. Use a backpack or a bike rack and use it. When riding around on a congested campus, you need to maintain control of your bike, which means using both hands at all times.

Ride Sober

Riding a bike requires balance and coordination, which are two things that are inhibited as a result of alcohol consumption. Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid riding a bike when drunk or when you have been drinking. Know that if you are found riding a bike under the influence of alcohol, you might be charged with standard or extreme DUI, depending on certain conditions. This might then require you to consult an experienced attorney from the likes of Salwin Law Group to deal with the issue. That said, if you are convicted of a DUI, you might have a criminal record. Any time you are checked for a criminal background your DUI conviction will crop up. Remember that this conviction will appear on your record for your entire life and can leave a negative mark on your future employment prospects.

Use a Lock

Unfortunately, college campuses are well-known for bike theft. Therefore, if you choose to purchase a bicycle for your daily commuting needs, also buy a lock. You don’t want to come outside after an exam and find your transportation has been taken.

If you are seriously considering a bike for getting around your campus, then you may want to look into electric bikes for sale. E-bikes are great for the environment and can help you get around in a flash. Find a local dealer and give one a try.