The Biggest Challenges School Psychologists Face Today

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What are the biggest challenges that school psychologists face? The answer used to be the rare act of violence or mental break by a student. Unfortunately, changes in society at all levels are making their job much harder. Children from broken homes have three to four times the rate of mental illness, and far more children grow up in such situations. Social media has created a new source of stress, while comparing themselves to a million strangers causes anxiety and depression. This means school psychologists have to take time away from counseling and referrals for needed resources to teach cyber-etiquette and treat victims of cyberbullying. Technology to streamline diagnostic tests and provide services isn’t available everywhere it is needed. That is compounded by the limited funding for school psychologists, resulting in a greater client load though the more students need help. School psychologists need to perform more tests and assessments and fill out much more paperwork, taking time away from kids who need help. WPS Publish has created an infographic that spells this all out. You can click here for more information.

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Key Challenges Faced by School Psychologists Today