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Keep Your Kids from Becoming Video Game Zombies this Summer

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We are all learning to live our lives inside the walls of our own homes.  So many schools have moved to remote learning for the remainder of the academic year – and even those that are still open will be closing soon for the summer. Social distancing means that

Social Media & Mental Health In Teens

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In the current digital age, the Internet has become a source of information and personal connections. Through the increased use of social media, people are able to communicate with others at the touch of a screen. As opposed to earlier generations, the heightened use and dependence on digital technology

Care for the newborn in the first months of life

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The first day or two, newly mummified mothers may experience fear of the newborn. You have just experienced the miracle of the birth of a new life, the tears of joy have barely dried up before your eyes, and now you are left alone with a tiny helpless little

How Does Life Insurance Work and How to Get the Right Plan For Your Family

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Getting life insurance for your family can be tricky, especially because you have to consider not only your needs but those of your loved ones. Even worse, some people still don’t understand how life insurance works. Perhaps you have your questions about life insurance, or someone recently suggested that

A Guide To Protecting Your Children Online

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The internet has opened us up to a world of possibilities, you can shop, do your banking, ask questions, check the weather and connect with friends 2,000 miles away with just the click of a button. But despite the great opportunities it presents, the internet can also be a

What Parents Need To Know About Ski Holidays

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful for most of the UK at this time of year, and while Christmas Day may be a bit grey and wet, some families will be taking the Christmas break as a chance to get a genuine white Christmas. How do they do it?

Why is play equipment an essential part of any school playground?

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School playground equipment has changed a lot over the years, advancing from skipping ropes and chalk to climbing frames and sensory play.  Regardless of its form, play equipment has always been an integral part of the school playground and the school day and this is even more true in

The Case of Toys

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A 20th-century celebrity, an advice columnist Abigail Van Buren once said: “If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them as half as much money.” The first step is to stop thinking in terms of your childhood. For example, you had the

Test Results Don’t Necessarily Reveal Children’s Abilities

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It’s a mistake for you to conclude that your child is mentally weak or has learning disabilities based on test results at school alone. These tests don’t necessarily provide conclusive evidence regarding the mental ability of your child.

6 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Choose Artificial Grass Over Natural Grass

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Artificial grass looks like a lifesaver for many people who love to surround themselves with Greeneries but have no time to maintain a real grassed garden. It is something that requires almost zero to very little maintenance while giving you a refreshing feel and peace of mind. Also, it