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Why is play equipment an essential part of any school playground?

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School playground equipment has changed a lot over the years, advancing from skipping ropes and chalk to climbing frames and sensory play.  Regardless of its form, play equipment has always been an integral part of the school playground and the school day and this is even more true in

The Case of Toys

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A 20th-century celebrity, an advice columnist Abigail Van Buren once said: “If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them as half as much money.” The first step is to stop thinking in terms of your childhood. For example, you had the

Test Results Don’t Necessarily Reveal Children’s Abilities

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It’s a mistake for you to conclude that your child is mentally weak or has learning disabilities based on test results at school alone. These tests don’t necessarily provide conclusive evidence regarding the mental ability of your child.

6 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Choose Artificial Grass Over Natural Grass

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Artificial grass looks like a lifesaver for many people who love to surround themselves with Greeneries but have no time to maintain a real grassed garden. It is something that requires almost zero to very little maintenance while giving you a refreshing feel and peace of mind. Also, it

Great Summer Experiences For Children With Special Needs

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Summer is a special time for parents of children with special needs. Children with special needs need activities that stimulate the brain and help them continue to learn. This is why parents need to investigate what they can do to help them. Kids benefit when parents are on top

3 Ways you can use paper bags for back to school

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Paper bags are extremely useful for many different reasons. For starters, the use of paper instead of plastic helps slow down the amount of plastic that is cycling around the planet. Encouraging the use of paper bags also gives our children the knowledge on renewable sources and reducing their

Are you cut out for the challenge of a career in medicine?

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One thing is for certain: choose to undertake a degree in medicine and no one will ever accuse you of taking the easy option. As any qualified doctor will attest, being a medical student involves more hard work and dedication than anything school or college can throw at you.

Fun Mother-Daughter Bonding Activities Worth Doing

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As a mother, you have to maintain and improve your relationship with your daughter while she is growing up. Making your daughter feel your presence as her parent, guardian, and best friend is the most vital part of raising a child. Even when there’s no special occasion, it is

4 Easy Ways to Pick the Right Books for Younger Children

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As we grow older, we develop our own interests in books and don’t need anyone to pick out books on our behalf. Unfortunately, children aren’t so lucky. If your kids are still building their reading skills, they may be unaware of what else is out there. It’s important to

Can You Make Poetry More Appealing to GCSE Students?

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It’s fair to say that most GCSE students don’t enjoy studying poetry. In fact, very few of us ever read poetry in our spare time, so it can be tough to suddenly find yourself faced with the prospect of analysing and discussing it. However, poetry is certainly something your