Why is play equipment an essential part of any school playground?

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Playground equipment in schools has undergone significant evolution, progressing from simple items like skipping ropes and chalk to more intricate structures like climbing frames and sensory play setups. Regardless of its form, play equipment has remained a crucial component of the schoolyard, enhancing the overall school experience. This importance is even more pronounced in today’s tech-driven world, where mental health concerns are on the rise.

Apart from the play equipment itself, attention must also be given to other aspects. One such aspect is the upkeep of the playground’s lawn, as children are prone to falls during play. This is why schools are often advised to regularly enlist the services of a Commercial Landscaping company to ensure proper maintenance of the grass. Additionally, maintaining cleanliness is vital, given that children tend to scatter litter around. Of course, the fundamental need persists: providing suitable playground equipment to facilitate easy and safe play.

Engaging in different types of play from physical to imaginative gives children the opportunity to learn new skills and develop outside of the classroom. Nowadays many schools across the world tend to recruit teachers who might have undergone Montessori courses. Teachers like them can use play equipment and their knowledge of play skills to impart valuable lessons to kids. Using such methods can also help students to deal with aggression issues. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the ways play equipment can make a difference in this blog.

Sensory Learning

Sensory play gives children to opportunity to touch, see, and hear new things. For example, with equipment such as sand pits or water areas, school children can learn how different things feel and what they are made of.

They find can count how many buckets of sand it takes to fill a larger container or how to make a sandcastle with the perfect mix of sand and water. They can pick different things up, dig and get all whilst learning new things without even realising it.

Creative Equipment

School playground equipment can be a wonderful way to encourage creativity in children and to get their brains flowing. Role play equipment such as a playhouse or wooden train provide an opportunity for children to play games and interpret different roles.

In another way, installing equipment can also lead to further learning by teachers asking children questions about their games such as how they would purchase a train ticket or what colour their house is. With other activities, such as hopscotch teachers can encourage the children to count and recite numbers.

Another form of creative play is the installation of musical play equipment. Musical play equipment in the playground gives children the opportunity to be musically creative outside and can help them to learn new sounds whilst playing with friends.

Physical Play

Children need to be able to play in order to develop their physical strength too. Physical activity has been proven to release endorphins which helps people to feel better mentally, so the benefits of outdoor play are endless.

Activities such as climbing, stretching, and balancing improve will help to improve overall body strength, balance, and mobility.

If you would like to invest in playground equipment for your school, then get in touch with an expert playground equipment provider to find the playground space that works best for your school, and your students.