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Sources of data Entry standards, student-staff ratios, services and facilities spend, completion rates, Firsts and 2:1s, graduate prospects and the 2014 Research Excellence Framework staffing data were supplied by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (Hesa), which provides a system of data collection, analysis and dissemination in relation to higher

Foreign teachers may need to earn £35,000… or leave

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Thousands of experienced teachers from abroad will be sent home under new immigration rules if they do not earn £35,000 a year.

Make the numbers add up

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Finances for university can look like a minefield, but getting to grips with the system is relatively straightforward, says Rob Fowler, the co-ordinator of the student money advice and rights team at the University of Derby. The key: apply for loans early, prioritise accommodation costs and don’t ignore budgetary

Why you shouldn’t be in a hurry to pay off student debt

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The Brexit vote may be causing interest rates on loans to fall through the floor, but, sadly, for students and graduates there is one exception. Rates on newer student loans will soar by up to 75 per cent this month because of an ill-timed rise in inflation this year.

Job hunting — it’s all part of the course

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The term “soft skills” would have meant little to most students 20 years ago, but today’s career-conscious undergraduates are much more clued-up about the world of work. Rather than spending three years in a haze of academia and alcohol, students are seeking out internships, workshops to impress future employers

Ten tips for how to survive on a budget at university

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With some application, you can get a good degree and learn something about money management at university. In the first term of my history and politics degree from Queen Mary, University of London, I had great difficulty staying afloat. I took out the full student finance available of 9,000

University challenge

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It is a grim irony that Julie Bertagna’s best-selling teenage book, Exodus, concerns a 15-year-old girl seeking refuge in a fractured, dystopian world, unwelcoming to outsiders. The Scottish author, a supporter of the “remain” campaign, contacted Nicola Sturgeon in the aftermath of the Brexit vote to tell the first

Extreme digital detox

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This summer, there will be no hunting for pidgeys, charizards and vaporeons on Pokémon Go, or hours spent filtering selfies to post on Snapchat, for Skylar, 11, Cassie, 5, Maggie, 4, and twins Benjamin and Alexander, 14 months. Their parents, Toby and Katie Shea, have taken drastic action to

Take tablets from schools, says tsar

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THE technology revolution in schools has been thrown into doubt by the government’s new school behaviour tsar, who believes children should be kept away from iPads for as long as possible.

Smartphones and selfie culture: what are you teaching your child?

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Do your children have to vie with your smartphone for your attention in the evenings? Do you feel twitchy in the mornings if you haven’t checked your messages? Having pooh-poohed them a couple of years ago, have you embraced the selfie (ironically, of course)? Then perhaps it’s not your