Parent Tips: Common Discipline Mistakes You’re Making & How To Correct Them

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Here’s the common scenario at home. You tell your daughter to finish a small plate of mashed potato, or else she will not be allowed to play outside. She will yell at you and say, “I can play inside.” Being a parent is not an easy task, and disciplining your child is not either.

There are times that you will see that your tactic will backfire. No matter how hard it is to make your child listen and follow you, you shouldn’t get tired of this role. You have to show your child that you’re the parent.

Check the common mistakes that parents do when disciplining their child and ways how to correct them:

#1: Backing down

If you think that you are the parent, there are times that you feel that your child overpowers you. Don’t let them win, and do whatever they want by not listening to you.

For instance, your son EJ keeps on snatching toys from his small brother Tom. You keep on telling him, “Give it back to Tom, or I’ll get angry.” This statement will not change EJ’s behavior because he thinks that he can do it several times before you get angry.

The right way to discipline a child who is acting up is to show that there’s a consequence for an unfavorable action.  Give a warning first. If he repeats it, tell him, “If you will not give back the toy to Tom, I will ban you from playing your iPad.”

#2: Telling a white lie.

Sometimes, parents do tell white lies. However, when disciplining your child, it’s unnecessary. You may tell your son EJ that you’ll buy him the most expensive toy that he wants if he’ll get good grades. Here comes the grading period, he made it to the top and asked you about buying him a hundred dollar toy.

Instead of empty promises such as this, tell him things that are achievable and realistic. Tell EJ, “You know you have to do better in school just like mom, doing better at work to get promotion.” This way, your son will understand the logic better and will not depend on material rewards.

#3: Parents should have a teamwork in disciplining their child.

Another common mistake among parents is one is strict and the other one is a little bit pushy. EJ wants a fast food for dinner, but you’re not allowing him to eat fast food. Your husband who works late and seldom spend time with the kids is a little bit loose when it comes to the kids.

When your husband came home, he has burger, fries and soda for EJ. He told you, it’s okay sometimes. Disciplining your child like this will make you the bad guy. Don’t  ignore this simple thing.

Appear united when it comes to your children. This will discipline your kids better and will take out he possibility of making you the bad guy all the time. Talk about the rules,regulations and how both of you will discipline your kids.

#4: Bribing too often.

You told EJ to get your bag upstairs while he is playing an online game on his iPad. He doesn’t want to be disturbed. You told him, “Get my bag upstairs, I will give you a $10.”

Bribing is never a good way to discipline a child. Forcing a child to do a certain thing just because they will be getting something is not appropriate. Instead, reinforce positive behavior than bribing.

Tell your child, “ Thank you EJ for being a good child, I appreciate it when you’re helping me.”

#5: Breaking own rules.

Never think that your child will do something different when they can see it in you. Don’t preach what you can’t do.

For instance, EJ is throwing toys at his brother Tom. You scolded him and punished him for that. EJ responded by saying, “Why you and dad throw things when you fight?”

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