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The 21st century is definitely the era of rapid technology development – who would have thought that all the crazy sounding ideas like 3D films, smartphones and social media platforms could be introduced into our lives so easily and quickly? A common man may get hopelessly lost among all these cutting-edge gadgets and highly specialised equipment using advanced technology. Recently, spying gear has become very popular, as it is finally available to everyone and also affordable. But how not to get lost in the maze of various gadgets and actually choose a spying product that meets your needs? Read on to get to know the most interesting and approachable devices – the TOP 5 Spy gadgets.

No need to play hide and seek

Thanks to the Global Positioning System, we can have unlimited opportunities to locate people, vehicles and other objects. The perfect tool for doing so is a handy and pocket-size GPS tracker – GLONASS GL300. It has a built-in GPS tracker and working independently GLONASS system, is small and lightweight, waterproof, resistant to shock and comfortable in use. Its battery lasts up to 60 days. Its most important feature is providing location in real time! You can track whereabouts of your partner, child, car or an important parcel with an accuracy of up to 2 metres. You can access its stored data online from any computer, smartphone or mobile device to see the last location of the transmitter and archive of routes. There is also a geofencing feature for defining an area and informing when it is crossed – perfect if you want to be alarmed when your child goes where s/he shouldn’t, for example, into a pub.

Pen with a secret eye

You may think that miniature cameras hidden in everyday objects do not exist in real life, but actually they are widely available for everyone! Imagine a camera hidden in an ordinary looking pen – a functional video recorder that does not arise suspicions as it also can be used for writing. Perfect for business meetings or an office. Super easy to use, with a microSD card slot and battery discharge indicator, works for an hour and provides footage in HD quality. You may also plug it into a computer to have unlimited working time.

Tick tock, it’s not only a clock

A camera may be hidden not only in a pen but also in various household objects, like an alarm clock with temperature and weather forecast (click here to learn more about this particular device). It features a built-in PIR sensor, which means it reacts to changes in temperature and starts recording when someone enters a room. It does not only records in high quality but also takes photographs and has a built-in microphone. Looks inconspicuous, has a modern design, can be mounted on a wall or put on any flat surface and works for up to six days. Great spying device for a living room or your office!

Your spying partner, an AC adapter

Think about the least suspicious object to hide a camera in. What would you say for an AC adapter? It features minuscule camera lens, has wide viewing angle and provides recording in high quality. It also features a Wi-Fi module which allows for the live view option – you can see what’s going on in a room using a free app available on mobile devices – and remote access wherever you are. You can set recording schedule or set the device to turn on when motion is detected.

Discreet little helper

Business meetings, product presentations or trade conferences can be stressful and difficult. The worst thing that may happen is you forgetting what to say and your brain going blank. But not with this little helper – the TopPro spy set. It consists of a micro earpiece which is small, adjusted to the ear canal and not visible, and a Bluetooth loop for enabling communication, that is energy saving and convenient in use. The sound is clear due to a sensitive microphone, the set can be controlled remotely and is compatible with the majority of GSM phones.

If you would like to make your life easier, do not be afraid of modern technology and venture into a spying adventure with user-friendly and affordable gadgets tested by many and loved by everyone.

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