The Best Shoes To Wear With Jeans

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Jeans are no longer the fashion attire for those who just want to be seen as comfortable, carefree or happily unemployed. You can now be assured jeans will be viewed as appropriate apparel for special, professional and sporty environments. The type of shoes that you pair your denims with, however, determines your overall style. You want to show how well you blend in with your surroundings. Whether you match your jeans with a pair of classic Puma Fenty platform creeper sneakers or go jogging while wearing Nikes, the combo you choose can make a statement.

Special Occasions

If you’re into a sleek look, jeggings — leggings that look like jeans — are great for nightclubs, concerts or special occasions. Match them with Puma Fenty sneakers for a sexy and sophisticated vibe. Designed by Rihanna, these sneakers are infused with class, sass and action. The Fenty’s thick soles are also specially designed to prevent slipping and falling on the dance floor.

Work or School

Jumping into a pair of wrinkled dungarees before dashing out the door requires a dressier shoe so that you don’t look like you just hit the snooze button a few minutes ago. Under these circumstances, Naturalizer shoes do a fine job of either camouflaging or complimenting a just-woke-up look. There’s a wide range of dress shoe styles to choose from that demonstrate you’re a polished individual. The classic loafer with tassels, for example, exudes a smart and focused attitude.

Shoes for Slim-Cut or Skinny Jeans

Wearing slim-cut or skinny jeans shows you have a high degree of self-confidence. Open-toed heels communicate you’re the person who gets things done — and with a positive attitude. With a wide variety of soft hues and styles to choose from, Naturalizer cutout sandals paired with jeans project a smooth appearance.

When your day requires traveling between classrooms, offices or cubicles, Naturalizer’s Cruiser models provide both comfort and creative style. These shoes have non-slip soles and come in a variety of colorful prints including floral, camouflage and cactus. Pairing them up with skinny or baggy jeans shows that you’re quick, nimble and always on the go.

Shoes for Straight and Boot-Cut Jeans

Straight and boot-cut jeans are versatile, and can be worn with just about any style of footwear in the boot family. Western-style and tall riding boots show you’re in control, even while wearing denims. Naturalizer boots are lightweight, flexible and come with cushioned insoles, which means they’re comfortable enough for everyday wear. In either a casual or a professional atmosphere, Naturalizer footwear features classic colors and a modern flair that informs you’re a rather distinguished person who just happens to like wearing jeans.

Fitness-Wear Combos

With schedules becoming more packed, wearing stretch jeans to the gym is no longer considered unusual. Flexible athletic denim for jogging or lunchtime workouts does away with the need to change into traditional fitness gear. Nike shoes come in sport styles that are both comfortable and supportive of movement. Combining athletic-fit jeans with slip-ons or lace-up sneakers can help save time in your busy day.

The internet offers a wealth of choices for stylish and practical shoe-and-jean pairings. Add to that the online ease of purchasing top footwear brands, such as Puma, Nike and Naturalizer shoes, and you’ll be sure to find the deals and combos that suit your style and budget.