Test Results Don’t Necessarily Reveal Children’s Abilities

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It’s a mistake for you to conclude that your child is mentally weak or has learning disabilities based on test results at school alone. These tests don’t necessarily provide conclusive evidence regarding the mental ability of your child.

Some kids do better because they love to study. They prepared for the test, and the information they studied came out during the test. Other factors may also come into play. Some kids slept well the night before and had no problems at home to deal with. Even economics could play a massive role in these differences. Kids from wealthy families have lots of resources to prepare well for the test while others don’t. Therefore, it’s unfair for you to judge your child’s abilities based on test results alone.

Instead of dwelling on how weak your child is in terms of these results, you need to understand why your child is performing that way. Perhaps, the approach to learning at school isn’t suitable for how your child prefers to learn. It’s also possible that they don’t continue studying at home, and your child doesn’t have a stable study habit. Talk to your child about this problem and undergo the necessary changes. You can also talk to the teachers to discuss your child’s academic performance.

Look at other areas of excellence

Perhaps, academics aren’t your child’s strongest suit, but there are other areas of excellence. Your child might be doing poorly in maths but is an excellent writer. It’s difficult to see things via abstract concepts and numbers, but your child is good with words. It means that you have to support your child’s interest in writing, but also find a way to develop the areas that need assistance.

Pick the right school 

Test results are not always a marker of intellect and success, however you still want your child to be in the most supportive environment possible to facilitate growth. A lot of the core skills learned in school are vital for their further development so it’s important to choose the right primary school so they are happy and can learn in the best way possible.

Remember that tests aren’t everything

There are numerous stories around the world of very mentally capable individuals who struggled at school, at still went on to achieve great success in their life.

Some children may not, and may never, perform to their best in school because it simply not the right environment for them. Some of the most entrepreneurial people in history started their success as early as teenagers. You can read about these and more at Brand Stories.

Set up a learning station at home

You need to evaluate how you deal with your child at home. Are you the type of parent who seems so busy with household chores that you don’t care about what your child does after school? If yes, it’s a problem. You can’t expect your child to behave well after school and open their books to study. Your child might love playing video games or watching TV shows. You need to be there to guide your child on what to do at home. The house is an extension of the school, and if there are areas that your child doesn’t understand, it’s your job to make it easier to comprehend them at home.

To help you in teaching your child, you need to consider the use of educational apps like Kidsmart. It’s a fun tool for your child to learn because it uses games and quizzes. The app is exciting, and your child might not want to stop after giving it a try. You can also create a good study habit after introducing this app.

Eventually, you will see some changes in how your child performs at school. With your support and changes in approach, it’s possible for your child to soar higher. Don’t give up and always be a supportive parent.

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