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Parents post 1,500 pictures of children on social media before fifth birthday

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Parents are posting an average of 1,500 images of their children on social media by the time their child starts primary school, a study has found.

Helping with homework means children do worse at school

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Children whose parents help them to do homework are likely to do worse at school, according to a study. The finding surprised researchers as almost every other form of parental engagement with their child’s education, such as reading at home or attending parents’ evenings, is associated with higher achievement.

How to break your family’s screen addiction

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Children’s screen time has crept up relentlessly over the past ten years. It’s time for parents to act, says one expert Is your child a screen addict? If you think your answer is no, consider this: do they pester you for the iPad, then get upset when told their

Take tablets from schools, says tsar

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THE technology revolution in schools has been thrown into doubt by the government’s new school behaviour tsar, who believes children should be kept away from iPads for as long as possible.

Smartphones and selfie culture: what are you teaching your child?

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Do your children have to vie with your smartphone for your attention in the evenings? Do you feel twitchy in the mornings if you haven’t checked your messages? Having pooh-poohed them a couple of years ago, have you embraced the selfie (ironically, of course)? Then perhaps it’s not your

Antisocial media: why smartphones make us dumb parents

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Picking up her iPhone, Sherry Turkle stuffs it into her handbag. “I’m putting my phone away,” she declares, zipping it into a pocket with a theatrical flourish. “The very presence of a phone on the table is a distraction. Even silent phones inhibit conversations.”