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Preparing for the Bill-Spike Over the Summer School Break

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It’s perhaps something which applies most to parents who have outsourced their parenting responsibilities and sent their kids to boarding school along with having kids who’ve gone away to university, that being a spike in the household bills when they’re all home for the long summer break. I’m just

Why Are Buildable Playground Supplies Great for Schools?

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If you’re adding more playground equipment to your school, it’s nice to diversify a little instead of sticking with the same old structures. There are plenty of more interesting options available, including playground blocks and tiles that can be joined together to create different structures. Here are just a

10 Things Every PTA Meeting Should Cover

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Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a formal organization of parents and teachers that is formed to get parents involved in their children’s academics as well as to help and reform the school systems. The main focus of any PTA is to work for the prosperity of the school going

Move over, Tiger Mum: why it’s OK to be an average parent

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Ilana Wiles is on a mission to persuade mums and dads that they don’t have to be perfect to raise well-balanced, happy children.

How much do parents matter?

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After decades of research, two top anthropologists say parents have far less influence than we think Parents these days are bombarded with advice on what they should and shouldn’t do to raise healthy and well-adjusted children. One wrong step, parents worry, could mean a beloved child turning into a

How does it feel when your parents divorce? Children speak out

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Is there a right time to break up if you are a parent? Here, children of divorcees describe their experiences — both good and bad There are countless books on the shelves advising couples on divorce, but until now we’ve rarely heard what it’s really like from the children’s

Parents support pupils in vote to stop homework

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A primary school has stopped setting homework after parents and pupils voted to drop it in a move that it is hoped will encourage children to read for pleasure instead.

Parents post 1,500 pictures of children on social media before fifth birthday

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Parents are posting an average of 1,500 images of their children on social media by the time their child starts primary school, a study has found.

Helping with homework means children do worse at school

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Children whose parents help them to do homework are likely to do worse at school, according to a study. The finding surprised researchers as almost every other form of parental engagement with their child’s education, such as reading at home or attending parents’ evenings, is associated with higher achievement.

How to break your family’s screen addiction

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Children’s screen time has crept up relentlessly over the past ten years. It’s time for parents to act, says one expert Is your child a screen addict? If you think your answer is no, consider this: do they pester you for the iPad, then get upset when told their