Why mums should always choose the family accommodation

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It can come across as somewhat of a devious ploy religiously employed by travel bloggers who do indeed travel as frequently as we’d probably all like to travel, that of roping in their mothers or even grandmothers to choose their family accommodation for them. They do this even if they’re travelling solo, to some faraway, exotic location.

The apparent deviousness resides in the natural motherly instincts kicking in, resulting in further correspondence that goes something like this:

Mom: “I’ve chosen the family room for you and spoke to the nice manager lady to give it to you at the price of their single room, and I’ve also gone ahead and paid everything!”

It’s not so much about getting her to pay for you, although that’s definitely welcome, but more about those inherent motherly instincts mums have to pick out the best options. Somehow they seem to know how to get the best deals too, probably because they are best suited to relating the value each penny spent should realistically be able to afford anybody.

 Even if you’re not necessarily looking for family accommodation by way of it catering to a quintessential travelling of four, mums just seem to know how to choose a living space. Never mind the fact that in some instances this could be a short-term living space or perhaps something like accommodation for a student.

Mum just instinctively knows which elements come together to turn any space into as much of a home as possible. You often feel it in the smallest of gestures, although we often take it for granted, like how mum might walk into a room and immediately make it more comfortable through something as simple as opening the curtains to let the natural light in…

The entire family could perhaps be looking to enjoy some of the seasonal festivities prestigiously held in a city such as Bristol, or the teenager in the house could be heading off to attend Uni. In both cases, mum would be the best person to pick the family accommodation, because then you’d be surprised to subsequently enjoy being able to lodge in a serviced apartment that feels just like home, has all the amenities you could ask for, and is a pleasant walk or commute from all the action.

Speaking of Bristol as the example, that would be serviced apartments such as those housed in a villa, in the upmarket suburb of Clifton.

Mums have this ability to think about everything around the main event driving any trip and so they’ll consider things the rest of us would ordinarily not even think about, like how comfortable and accommodating the living space would be should you feel tired and not want to be out and about for a prolonged period of time.

So any chance the travelling gang has to rope in the input of mum should be grabbed with both hands. Even if you’re travelling all by yourself or with a group of people that doesn’t include your family, always seek mum’s expert input.