How Do Bloggers and Reviewers Make Money?

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Chances are if you’re reading up about how people who maintain a serious online presence online make money for their contributions, you already have a fair idea of how the likes of bloggers, vloggers, and people who take time to write in-depth reviews online make money. Equally so, you’ve probably been made wise to what appear to be hit-or-miss monetization channels, which as a result of everybody trying them out, are either saturated or just don’t appear to work.

It’s like you have to be as lucky as someone like a lottery winner to make it to the top of the pile. It may also appear that you effectively need to dedicate your entire life to pursuing those online income channels to make it to the top.

So, taking into account how successful bloggers and online reviewers do it, what exactly is it that they do to make money?

Keeping it real – creating content around their lives

In recent times, someone who refers to themselves as a blogger might interchangeably mean they’re a vlogger too, or a “YouTuber.” The most successful of these souls are those who are able to maintain a consistent rate to putting out content, simply because it’s content that comes naturally to them. They remain relevant by remaining in contact with their audience every day and can do so with the use of live interactive audio streaming like can be found at

There’s a niche and market for everything under the sun and if you can isolate just one niche then you can capture a sizeable market, which can then be monetized in ways that won’t require them to spend any more money than they already do. So it starts with keeping it real and creating content around one’s regular lifestyle.

Identifying a main hustle

When blogging around the regular elements of your lifestyle, some things stand out and dominate all the others. Keyword ideation is one of the main features that can bring success to your blog articles. You can either do extensive research on how you can ace it or rely on the expertise provided by companies like Victorious and alike. Usually, these dominant elements can be identified to fall into two categories, namely your main hustle, i.e. what you do for a living; and what you do for fun.

So you might have a background in mathematical statistics or actuarial sciences, in which case your content could be presented in a way that has you using data interpretation to make sense of and navigate your world.

The monetisation channels

If you can bring your main hustle and your main interest together, that’s the blogging income sweet spot you will have hit! To extend on our example of the blogger with a stats background, something like enjoying some online slots would constitute an amalgamation of their main hustle and their interests.

So monetization would then have them looking towards selling ad space on their blogs, auto-monetization programs like the Google Ads program through which vloggers earn an income, or perhaps even premium content sales, like putting together a betting strategy guide to sell as a downloadable e-book. Bloggers can also provide paid content, subscriptions, and memberships, divided into different levels and price ranges. So, you can set up payment options on your website using a Paywall service that could be integrated with WordPress to optimize and secure the payment gateway. This can let you acquire loyal viewers who might have an interest in all your written and visual content available on websites or on social media platforms like YouTube and Patreon.

Establishing authority as part of the marketing strategy

People who write comprehensive reviews online, even on platforms that aren’t connected to their primary media channels (like their YouTube channels and blogs) do so to establish themselves as trusted authorities. You won’t hesitate to click through to someone’s linked bio and be led to their blog, for instance, if you come across a great review they left on some public platform, especially if it was helpful. It’s all part of the marketing strategy…