Tips on How to Choose the Best Parenting Expert

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If you are a parent and you think that parenting is tough, you better search out parenting experts right away. Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs there is to do. Parenting experts are there to help parents make parenting easier for them. These parenting experts will give you numerous tips, perfect techniques, and wonderful tools to aid you raise creative, healthy, and happy children.

One of the best parenting experts out there is Phoebe Goodheart. She is a licensed social worker with several years of experience as a family therapist. She has been helping parents deal with all sorts of issues in parenthood like parenting skills, relationship problems, fear of death, depression, anxiety, defiance, defiant behaviors, and much more. She is also an accredited trainer and consultant for parenting classes.

Another one of the parenting experts that you should check out is Michael Pollack. He is a child psychologist and he specializes in substance abuse prevention. He has been helping kids for more than 25 years with substance abuse problems. He is very good at telling kids what the dangers of substance abuse are, how to spot it, how to get help, and how to stay out of trouble.

John Townsend is another one of the parenting experts, you should check out. He is a certified marriage and family therapist, and he runs a private therapy practice in Maryland. He is a certified parenting coach and he has helped many parents with their child behavior and parenting issues. He also works with families and with other professionals to enhance positive youth development. As a result, he knows how to get results and he knows how to get the message out about positive youth development.

Of course, you should always seek out information from people who have had successful experiences as parents and who have a proven track record as parenting experts. Mary Patten is a great example of this. She has been a single mom and a wife for 21 years, but she has raised five children. She knows exactly how it feels to be a mom/dad without having all of the responsibilities that come along with that.

You will need to decide for yourself what type of parenting expert or blogger best suits your needs and goals. You can start off with an introduction to Mary Patten by reading some of her articles on her website or in her book, or by taking a look at her YouTube videos. By doing so, you can get an idea of who this person is and what you can expect from the material she offers on her website, in her book, or in her Facebook videos.