What all students should know about their gas and electric bills

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Living as a student isn’t easy: coursework, exams and deadlines, not to be aided by the fact that you are now in charge of all of your bills and outgoings. Unless you’re lucky enough to have some form of external funding, getting by on just your student loan will

Back To School Study Habits in 2017

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It is that time of the year again when we have to leave the luxuries of holiday and go back to school. While holiday gave you the much-deserved rest, it is time to pick up the books again. So learning how to study is one of the biggest investments

A Quick History of the Paper Shopping Bag

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It was Margaret Knight who first came up with the idea of a paper bag, way back in 1871. She was working in a cotton mill in Springfield, Massachusetts when the idea struck her, and she quickly went on to invent a machine which would fold and glue paper


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The 21st century is definitely the era of rapid technology development – who would have thought that all the crazy sounding ideas like 3D films, smartphones and social media platforms could be introduced into our lives so easily and quickly? A common man may get hopelessly lost among all

Things To Keep in Mind When Driving Your Child to School

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If you are one of the many parents who chooses to drive your car to bring your child to school, you are not alone. Walking is just not an option for some children, especially in bad weather, and buses are not something that every parent wants their child to

What Makes Classroom Posters So Important?

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There are plenty of different learning aids that educators can make use of, including the humble poster. If you look around most classrooms, you’ll find plenty of educational posters decorating the walls, and yet people tend to underestimate the value that those posters hold. This can lead some teachers,

Landlords insurance for students

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Students are different! If you’ve had children of your own or remember those days when you were at school, college or university, you’ll know the truth of that. However, what you might not know is that letting to students requires thinking about your landlords’ insurance.

UK Gets its First and Only #BeNiceBus Launched by Stagecoach

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The UK saw the launch of its first and only #BeNiceBus with bus operator Stagecoach bus teaming up with The Diana Award charity for its launch. The Diana Award operates the UK and Ireland’s leading Anti-Bullying campaign, which equips young people with the skills, confidence and training to tackle

Parent Tips: Common Discipline Mistakes You’re Making & How To Correct Them

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Here’s the common scenario at home. You tell your daughter to finish a small plate of mashed potato, or else she will not be allowed to play outside. She will yell at you and say, “I can play inside.” Being a parent is not an easy task, and disciplining

Preparing for the Bill-Spike Over the Summer School Break

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It’s perhaps something which applies most to parents who have outsourced their parenting responsibilities and sent their kids to boarding school along with having kids who’ve gone away to university, that being a spike in the household bills when they’re all home for the long summer break. I’m just