Teaching 19th Century Literature

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Some of us absolutely love a period drama but trying to get a classroom of teenagers to share that same enthusiasm can sometimes be a struggle. There are a broad range of topics when teaching 19th century prose, from revolution and rebellion to adventure and discovery, this makes it

How to make KS1 and KS2 learning fun and engaging

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Teaching primary school students throughout key stage one and key stage two can be an extremely rewarding experience.

Re-engage primary school students after the Christmas break

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The start of a new term can always be tricky, especially after an exciting period such as Christmas. Getting your students engaged and ready for action again is easy with a bit of preparation and planning.

Get ready for Christmas with these classroom resources

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As Christmas draws closer it’s going to get increasingly hard for teachers to avoid adding some festive fun to regular lessons. Luckily, Teachit Primary make it easy to plan your lessons for the festive period, offering a huge selection of Christmas themed resources for all year groups. By adding

3 Ways you can use paper bags for back to school

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Paper bags are extremely useful for many different reasons. For starters, the use of paper instead of plastic helps slow down the amount of plastic that is cycling around the planet. Encouraging the use of paper bags also gives our children the knowledge on renewable sources and reducing their

5 Common Signs of Dyslexia in the Classroom

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Dyslexia becomes much more prominent and the symptoms become much clearer when children enter a classroom setting. To help you get dyslexic children the help they need, take note of these common signs of dyslexia.

4 Ways to Help Students Analyse Short Stories

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When it comes to English literature, students will spend most of their time on novels and poems rather than short stories. Unfortunately, many won’t give as much weight to those more condensed pieces of prose, and it can be an uphill struggle trying to teach them

How to choose the right ties for your school?

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Uniform is an important part of school life. It affects the way people perceive our school, the students within it and -to some extent- it even affects the way students behave. There are many benefit of school ties for your school uniform, but how do you choose the right

CHEAT SHEET: Student Life in Australia

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You’ve decided to study abroad and, of course, Australia caught your attention with its stunning nature, breathtaking sights and rich culture. However, student life doesn’t consist of mere sightseeing and adventures in the open. Here’s everything you need to know about being a student in Australia.

Behaviour Management Techniques for Primary Students

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During the first years of a child’s education, they are very susceptible to misbehaviour. Primary students especially need to be monitored and rewarded and disciplined so that when they move up in education they are able to represent well behaved students.