Learning Doesn’t Stop Once School is Over

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Some parents make the mistake of assuming their kids will learn absolutely everything they need at school. In their minds, school is a place for learning and thus it should cover every aspect of learning and education. However, children can learn outside of school in many different ways.

There are different areas where your child needs to learn, and relying on school alone won’t suffice. It’s crucial for kids to continue learning even at home. Home provides the perfect environment to reinforce the ideas that they learned in the classroom at home in a relaxed manner.

You can do this by reading with them and by helping them to develop their reading age and by activities that keep their brains working.

For children aged 4-11 learning is key as it sets the foundation for future learning. The foundation for 11 plus learning starts at an early age and there are various techniques for 11 plus learning.

Teach positive values

Children learn lots of great values at school, like friendship and teamwork. However, a lot of these values are also taught at home and is where everything begins. For instance, if you want your child to be responsible, you can assign household chores. You can get children to help with cleaning and tidying up around the house. You also need to emphasise the value of studying lessons without being told to do so. You need to aid the teachers in teaching these values. Avoid blaming the school if your child doesn’t learn these values since you can be a huge influence on this.

Study with your child

Don’t expect that your child will learn everything at school. Children can learn almost as much out of the classroom as they can in the classroom and can learn valuable life experiences along the way. Therefore, helping your child to study can help with their progression. If there are difficult concepts that your child didn’t learn at school, you can help teach them at home. If you are absolutely lacking time to teach them, consider hiring some One-On-One Online Tutors who are qualified to teach young children. Helping your child academically will give them the motivation to keep pushing themselves in a positive way.

Turn fun moments into learning opportunities

A lot of parents give their children a time limit each day on how long they can spend watching TV or playing on computer games. You can take it as an opportunity to teach the value and responsibility of time management, and incorporating this time into learning is another way to make it more fun.

If you want your child to spend more time learning maths or science, there are apps to enhance their learning. You can even enroll them in one of those STEM courses for kids, where the kids can learn in their free time and at their own pace. The good thing, moreover, is that online learning resources are often fun to learn with, and kids won’t mind spending hours learning and playing.

For example, taking a practice-fun approach to learning can help reinforce ideas that children learn in the classroom.

Inspire your children

It’s a great feeling when you see your performing academically. Children will enjoy learning and developing and will love your positive motivation and they will work extra hard to learn and impress you. Always be on hand to help them as you have a role to play with their learning. All children need support through learning and technology is a great platform to help assist you and is something that can be used to your advantage.

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