Choosing the right custom ties for your school uniform

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Uniform is an important part of school life and your school is something that it represents. There are many benefit of school ties for your school uniform, but how do you choose the right ones?

  1. Colour 

When choosing the colour of your school tie, you’ll want to be certain that it fits with the rest of your school uniform.

It is standard practice to match your ties to the colour of your uniform, and tie company’s can help you match the right colour to your uniform.

Alternatively, you can use a different colour, or use another colour as an accent. There are many possibilities.

  1. Pattern 

Choosing a pattern for your school uniform tie can help you distinguish the look you would like to achieve with your custom ties.

Many school go for a classic striped pattern that incorporates the colours of their school logo and branding. If you’d like to stand out and be different, you could go for something a little more daring. There are many patterns you could incorporate into your tie, you could even use your logo as a repeating embroidered pattern.

For a free, no obligation design service – get in touch with James Morton. They can help you design the perfect tie for your school at no additional cost.

  1. Clip on

There is a lot of controversy around whether or not school should use clip on ties.

On one side of the argument, it is a useful skill for students to learn that will set them up for life.

On the other hand clip on ties prevents injuries from too tight or pulled ties. With clip on ties you also don’t have to worry about those students who don’t know how to tie a tie and you can reduce the likeliness of bullying and prevent injury.

To design your own custom school ties, visit the James Morton Ties website and submit a design for free. One of their team will then get in contact with you to discuss your options for your custom school ties.