6 Reasons Why Homeowners Should Choose Artificial Grass Over Natural Grass

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Grass from an artificial grass company like Prestige Lawns looks like a lifesaver for many people who love to surround themselves with Greeneries but have no time to maintain a real grassed garden. It is something that requires almost zero to very little maintenance while giving you a refreshing feel and peace of mind. Also, it is going to stay in lush green color without any discoloration in all the seasons which is a very thing for people who spends only weekends at home due to the busy schedules. It is a best source of staying near to nature when you really cannot afford to do that in reality.

Reasons to Prefer Artificial Grass Over Natural Grass

  1. Water Conservation

The best thing about artificial grass is that you don’t need to water them daily as required for natural grass. Studies show that artificial grass saves around 2200 gallons of water per year which is a huge saving for our environment. With artificial grass, you will only need water to rinse away the dirt and debris or the residues left behind by your pets. Also, it is going to save you from the soaking socks and shoes when walked over freshly watered natural grass. If this doesn’t convince you to go online and search for ‘artificial turf grass in Castle Rock‘, for example, then we don’t know what will.

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  1. Cost Efficient

Artificial Grass requires only initial investment for installing the grass and then you are done with no more expenses as such. You can say it is almost three times lesser in cost than natural grass considering the overall spectrum of installation, replacement and maintenance over years. While it is not the case with natural grass which requires a lot of preparation, water and expenses to grow in your garden.

  1. Maintenance

With natural grass comes the responsivity of maintaining it. You could spend week after week mowing your lawn, only to have to do it all over again. Unless you’re one of the smart ones who chose to invest in robot lawn mowers that can regularly cut grass without needing human assistance, you’re likely to get fed up with the maintenance in a short span of time. As for artificial grass, it is very easy to maintain as you won’t have to spend a lot of money for this purpose as well. You will just need to brush the blades regularly so they are not pressed down due to a lot of foot traffic while occasional rinsing is also required to clean the dirt and fend off pet odors. While no mowing, weeding or watering is required on regular basis which is going to save you a lot of money and your precious time.

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  1. Environment Friendly

Although it is not that environment friendly as natural grass is but it does contribute in environment protection to a little extent. As there will be no usage of pesticides and fertilizers, artificial grass serves a substantial amount of duty to keep the environment pollution free.

  1. Lesser Pollution

As mentioned above regarding no use of pesticides and fertilizers, there is one more thing as well which causes less pollution than natural grass. It is the noxious emissions which are emitted from the maintenance equipment and lawn mowers which are very hazardous for human health.

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  1. Greater Land Utilization

Artificial grass utilizes greater portion of land than natural grass as you can install it anywhere and in any corner where you wish to. So it is a very good option for highly urbanized areas where people have very limited access to recreational areas, or areas in drought maximizing event spaces.