Behaviour Management Techniques for Primary Students

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During the first years of a child’s education, they are very susceptible to misbehaviour. Primary students especially need to be monitored and rewarded and disciplined so that when they move up in education they are able to represent well behaved students.

Techniques such as filling up a jar of marbles with a marble each time a desired behaviour is carried out by the class may help to encourage the group to work together when achieving behavioural goals.

This behaviour management sheet on Teachit Primary, includes 4 other really great ideas to manage the behaviour in classes of all ages: Behaviour Management Resource

Classroom Management

Also on Teachit primary, are a collection of classroom resources that you can use in and around your classroom for a range of different subjects and exercises?

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As well as those resources, by becoming a member of Teachit primary, you can also access documents and activities that other teachers have shared as well as posting your own to be shared within the wonderful community.

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