Quick-Step Comfort Through All Seasons

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The weather always has some kind of effect on our homes, such as cold nights leaving a cold floor and hot nights making carpet boost heat in our bedrooms. It could be so much better with a changeup in flooring.

The main choice people are favourable towards is to layer their homes with luxury vinyl flooring, and when looking into the positives it’s not hard to understand why.

Looks Real

Real hardwood flooring is a very expensive option in the product, installation and especially repair.

Flooring such as Quick-Step luxury vinyl has powered through the years to become the nation’s favourite. This is partly due to its perfect replication of woods, stone, slates and marble flooring. It provides a genuine look and feel of the real thing that only you as the homeowner know the difference.

Not only does it look the same, but it also delivers much better qualities that real hardwood would not be able to handle. It is also easier to install, not requiring a professional if you feel like a Sunday challenge with an urge of Do It Yourself.

Vinyl flooring hardly ever needs replacing due to its durable design, but should any partition need replacing, individual planks or tiles can be taken out without a floor disruption.


Quick-Step luxury vinyl has been at the forefront of revolutionary breakthroughs in design and durability.

From moisture resistance to anti-scratch protections, the multiple layers all play individual roles in ensuring the lifespan of each plank or tile is protected and at full cycle. Stain resistance offers simple cleaning with regular household products instead of expensive brand products, and warm soapy water and a sponge will retain your original look, along with a weekly brush and mop of the floor.

Extra strength has gone into providing more underfoot cushioning that puts the step into Quick-Step, and as a natural partner for underfloor heating you can be sure that cold greetings won’t be hitting once those late-night visits to the fridge get the better of you.

No Limit of Selection

Of all the brands in luxury vinyl flooring, Quick-step provides a more creative selection throughout its extensive ranges. These unique designs truly allow you to have it your way every time in a variety of rooms.

When it comes to all year round luxury vinyl flooring, to battle heat or protect against the cold, Quick-Step luxury vinyl brings unparalleled perfection in the replication of light and dark woods, stone, marble and ceramic flooring that will last a lifetime.