Best Countryside developments for first time buyers

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Living nearby the countryside is a dream for many a house-hunter. From beautiful views to plenty of open space and an overall calmer feel, living in the countryside can be the perfect solution for many people bogged down by the stresses life can present us from time to time. But as a first time buyer, where can you find the perfect countryside abode at the perfect price and not have to worry about being too far from the city? With schemes like shared ownership and help to buy, living in the countryside as a first time home buyer has been made a whole lot easier.


There’s no question, this midlands county is a breathtaking area, home to the iconic national park, the Peak District, Derbyshire is a countryside area like no other. Home to villages and quaint communities with plenty of local history and dripping in charm, this northern region is one to fall in love with. From beautiful hikes and walks to the warm welcome you will receive, Derbyshire is known for its rural enchantment and close community feel. You can expect to shop at your local butchers, bakers and boutiques here with family-run businesses on every corner and a homely feel. Shared Ownership in Derbyshire offers you the best of the area with the option to buy a share in the property rather than the entire value. Meaning you only have to put down a deposit on the share you want to own. Saving you money and delivering on the countryside beauty, a home in Derbyshire is a real winner.

Tunbridge Wells

An unmistakably charming town in the South of England, Tunbridge Wells is the perfect move if you want to stay south but are in need of those wide open spaces and calming views. Tunbridge Wells is located in Kent and just 45 minutes away from London, it comes with all the convenience of a south London suburb too. Home to countless parks, golf courses and on the northern edge of the High Weald, Tunbridge Wells is a favourite among ramblers and families alike. With shared ownership in Tunbridge Wells you can find your perfect countryside home with a smaller deposit and affordable monthly costs. A town not to be missed, Tunbridge Wells is as charming as it is friendly.


Peppered with castles, medieval villages and quiet perishes, Maidstone is real countryside living with all the benefits that come with it. Shared Ownership homes in Maidstone offers a property in the heart of the Kent countryside and all the comforts of rural living. With the Kent Downs and High Weald on your doorstep, a home in Maidstone is the perfect move if you are looking for the English countryside at its best.


For those of us who love the northern friendliness and some decent pies, a home in Cheshire is a winner. Wrapped in countryside and renowned for its celebrity residents, regal appeal and affluent reputation, Cheshire is the perfect place to bring up a family. And with shared ownership in Cheshire you won’t have to worry about the cost. While you may see a few more Waitrose Stores than Lidls around here, Cheshire is peppered with neo-georgian manors and decadent Victorian Terraces. If living somewhere with breathtaking views as well as a fair share of glamour sounds about right to you then shared ownership in Cheshire is the place to look.