4 Reasons to Provide Branded Jute Bags for Your College Students

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Most colleges give away branded bags to their students at the start of each new year, but too few think about what the best bag is for them or what those bags should be made from. You can go for a traditional option like plastic or cotton, but here are just four reasons why you might want to try jute bags instead.

  1. Ideal for School Supplies

They might not be at school anymore, but college students still need to bring plenty of school supplies with them each day. That could cover everything from textbooks to laptops, so providing an extra bag for them makes sense. Jute is strong enough to carry anything they might need to bring without ripping or coming apart.

  1. Kids Can Customize Them

Most college students enjoy having the opportunity to express themselves, so they tend to take well to bags made from materials like jute. Since it’s a natural material, you can easily doodle on it with a pen or attach pins without damaging the fabric. Even while retaining your college’s name and colours, each bag can feel unique.

  1. Flexible and Versatile

One of the nice things about jute bags is that you can whip one out when you need it and then fold it away again later. Students will enjoy having such a bag in their main pack. If they ever need to bring more home than they brought to college, they’ll be able to do so without issue. Plus, it’s the ideal, easy-to-use bag even to hold the many accessories they’ll surely need, come graduation day – gowns, caps, stoles (all of which can be found if you navigate here) can all fit in jute bags to be brought out as needed!

  1. Eco-Friendly

It makes sense to make eco-friendly choices where you can, especially when you’re providing items for college students. Most young people care about the environment and want a product that feels natural and eco-friendly rather than artificial and bad for the environment. The natural charm of jute bags is likely to appeal to them.