Sending Parcel to Portugal Becomes Successful Now with Small Tips

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Not many people like to fill in postal forms in the post offices, in which, as usual, there may be many disgruntled people. Therefore, it is much more convenient to fill in forms at home, using various services on the Internet, with which you can find all the necessary information. By the way, if you do not want to disclose your address, instead of the house and the street, you can specify “Demand” on the graph.


If you need mail packages to buy, then it’s best to do it in third-party organizations. The fact is that the purchase of packages and boxes for mailing from unofficial manufacturers is much cheaper than in the offices of the “Post of Portugal”. If for some reason you need to send a lot of parcels, then by purchasing boxes in online stores you can save a fairly large amount of money. For the proper Parcel to Portugal you will be having the best options. This is the class of a package weighing from 2 to 31 kg.


There are two classes: “economy” and “priority”. Experience shows that the selected class does not affect the delivery time. Their main difference is that the class “economy” allow you to insure the parcel, while the “priority” is sent only with the declared value. It is worth noting that companies for delivery of parcels from Portugal class “priority” sets a shorter period. Alas, this does not work in Russian realities; the premises of both classes are equally “stuck” at the customs. For the parcel comparison you will be having the best options.

The duty-free limit for 1 person per month is 1000 euros and 31 kg per calendar month. In other words, every citizen of Russia has the right to import goods into the country for up to 1000 euros and / or up to 31 kg. Anything that goes beyond the limit is subject to customs duties of 30% of the cost, but not less than 4 euros per 1 kg of weight. Consider the example.

  1. A parcel of 1500 euros has arrived.

Customs duty = (1500 – 1000) * 30% = 150 euros (in the ruble equivalent)

  1. A parcel weighing 40 kg worth 500 euros has arrived.

Customs duty = (40 – 31) * 4 = 36 euros (in the ruble equivalent).

  1. A parcel arrived with an excess of both cost and weight.

Both figures are calculated, the maximum amount is accepted for payment.In order not to stand in queues for receiving a letter or parcel, in any region of the country it is possible to order the delivery of a parcel to the house. This service costs only one hundred rubles and saves a lot of time. Postmen deliver on the house only those packages, the mass of which does not exceed two kilograms. However, the postman can bring the package at any time from eight to four in the evening, so at this time it is advisable to stay at home.

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