How To Plan A Memorable Baby Shower

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Expecting a baby certainly takes a lot of planning – from the baby’s room, the cradle, the curtains, the toys, the baby shower. As it turns out, planning goes far beyond the actual moment in which the baby comes. We just can’t miss the unique opportunity of welcoming guests to share this special occasion with. However, throwing the perfect baby shower needs preparation and patience, and it’s definitely not all about unpacking gifts.

Since a normal pregnancy takes 9 months, you have just enough time to plan a memorable baby shower. This includes a huge amount of arrangements for choosing the data, the menu, and deciding on the guest list. Making a good gesture with personalised baby thank you cards is a good thing to include in the plan.

1.   Respect The Mother-To-Be

The centre of a baby shower is the mom-to-be so it is a good idea to include her in the preparations (unless she is the one planning it all). She knows exactly with whom she’s comfortable seeing at her baby shower and when the best time for getting the party started is. Because of the pregnancy, make sure you take into account that the future mum needs toy  avoid certain types of food and drinks she can’t enjoy at present. So if you want to know how to throw a baby shower, let her be in charge and don’t leave her aside.That will guarantee a fun, carefree baby shower.

2.   Know Your Guests

While rushing to find a nice spot and suitable menu, remember to choose your guests wisely. Setting the right tone the pink or blue decor (depending on the gender of the baby)) is important, but the main goal here is to celebrate with the rightpeople. Therefore, make sure you get to know their taste and preferences well in advance.

3.   Make Everyone Feel Comfortable

In order to plan a memorable baby shower, you have to schedule everything and come up with an agenda. You’ll surely need to split time into quite enough portions for eating, gifts opening, and playing games. Maybe you know an activity, which will cheer them up and a thank you present for making them feel honoured and appreciated?

  • Make It Personal

No matter if you are planning a traditional or modern baby shower, make it your own. Through the years many things have been changed – from inviting women only to serving a cake as a dessert. Nowadays, you can invite anyone you want to, kids included. Not wearing pants is also 1970s’ practice, and catering with cupcakes is much more preferable.

5.   All About The Baby

So, if you want to plan a memorable baby shower, be creative, open minded and adaptive. Ask the mom-to-be the right questions and she’ll provide you with the right answers. Don’t ever surprise her and she’ll be your best partner in crime! Think of the people  you share your   joy with, about the proper environment, which will make them feel comfortable. It’s a nice occasion and all it needs is a little bit of organisation. The rest is having fun and not forget to say “thank you”.