Chocolate Fountain Hire

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Add a real sweet spot to your event and encourage your guests to rediscover their sweet tooth with a local chocolate fountain hire service. If you exercise some foresight in seeking to hire a chocolate fountain and you organise to have it hired out well in advance, you can look beyond your immediate locale. That way you might even be in more options as you won’t have to make-do with whatever options are available last-minute, perhaps through cancellation or just on account of not being as popular as the other options available.

Power packed with flavoursome chocolate, irresistible cakes and a range of other sweet treats, this fun-filled feature will breathe some life into your event. Even the adults won’t be able to help themselves, which of course rather brazenly suggests that you can’t hire a chocolate fountain for a purely adult event. You most certainly can and should!

What’s a wedding, party or any special occasion without a chocolate fountain? Some of the best chocolate fountain hiring services strike at the heart of any event, engulfing the air with that characteristically inviting, sweet aroma of luxurious Belgian chocolate, among others. Belgian chocolate is perhaps the best option to go with because it simply makes for the best choice in chocolate that can be presented and consumed in a more liquefied form. Think Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – if that was indeed real chocolate, the likelihood is that it would have been Belgian chocolate.

If you search around, you’ll find that most chocolate fountain hire packages are sweetened up with a uniquely personal touch, tailored to each of our customers’ specific needs. A consistent flow of the finest Belgian chocolate will keep the extravagant dips full to the brim, complementing a selection of the finest fresh fruits with some delectable goodness. You’ll typically be able to enjoy a full 3 hours of continuous chocolate flow time, with the commercial-grade fountain setting reinforced by decadent table display arrangements. The Chocolate Fountains you hire should come with a qualified professional Food Hygiene attendant to ensure smooth running of the chocolate fountain hire service at your event.

The best of the available chocolate fountain hire services will make sure your event is one to be remembered forever, whatever the occasion and it doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise at all. If you’re an avid online gambler, that budget set aside for your online punts can be craftily worked to free up pretty much all the money you’ll need to hire the services of a good chocolate fountain provider, as you save money with each casino no deposit bonus you redeem for each new site to play on.

Dipping Ideas

There is a selection of custom-made dipping menus which can be tailored to your unique taste, whether you have a sweet tooth, an insatiable passion for fruit or if you simply want a bit of everything.

All the fruit and confectionery dipping items would have to be freshly-sourced and prepared within hours of your event.