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Raising the standard – the role of a teaching assistant

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Raising standards of education and training has been a priority for successive UK governments since the Second World War, and it’s one of the few areas in which all political parties can find some level of agreement. Despite limited resources, it must be said that considerable progress has been

Top Tips for Teaching Shakespeare to Younger Children

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Studying Shakespeare can be extremely rewarding, but students often have trouble feeling comfortable with the text, and teachers often struggle to make studying Shakespeare as interesting as it can be. But that doesn’t mean you should give up – instead, simply follow these useful tips for introducing younger students

What Makes Classroom Posters So Important?

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There are plenty of different learning aids that educators can make use of, including the humble poster. If you look around most classrooms, you’ll find plenty of educational posters decorating the walls, and yet people tend to underestimate the value that those posters hold. This can lead some teachers,

Embrace the Teachings of Christianity with Spiritual DVDs That Could Change Your Life

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Sometimes, life can seem confusing because we don’t know or truly understand what God has in store for us. We often feel lost and that we need to face life alone, but by embracing the guidance and teachings of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, you can walk

Why Are Buildable Playground Supplies Great for Schools?

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If you’re adding more playground equipment to your school, it’s nice to diversify a little instead of sticking with the same old structures. There are plenty of more interesting options available, including playground blocks and tiles that can be joined together to create different structures. Here are just a

How to take learning outdoors this summer

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As the weather starts to warm up, it is the perfect time to get students out in the playground and encourage them to engage in outdoor learning. On 20th June, community project Project Dirt is aiming to get schools across the country to move outdoors for at least one

10 Things Every PTA Meeting Should Cover

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Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a formal organization of parents and teachers that is formed to get parents involved in their children’s academics as well as to help and reform the school systems. The main focus of any PTA is to work for the prosperity of the school going

Is this the strictest teacher in Britain?

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No fighting, no lying. Break the rules and it’s the isolation room. The free-school head Katharine Birbalsingh is convinced that children thrive on tough love, but does it work? Sian Griffiths went to Brent to find out

Parents support pupils in vote to stop homework

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A primary school has stopped setting homework after parents and pupils voted to drop it in a move that it is hoped will encourage children to read for pleasure instead.

Majority of retiring teachers are under 60

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More than four-fifths of all primary school teachers who retired last year had not reached the official retirement age. As the annual cost of paying pensions to retired teaching staff rose by more than €30 million in 2015, to €739 million, figures published by the Department of Education showed