Can You Make Poetry More Appealing to GCSE Students?

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It’s fair to say that most GCSE students don’t enjoy studying poetry. In fact, very few of us ever read poetry in our spare time, so it can be tough to suddenly find yourself faced with the prospect of analysing and discussing it. However, poetry is certainly something your

Education in Surrey – top schools

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Surrey is a home county in the South East England. Known for the picturesque location and the scenic beauty, Surrey offers a number of options to choose for the education of your child. There are various schools and universities in Surrey that has an excellent academic record and offer

Would You Send Your Children To A Private School?

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One of the most important decisions that a parent has to make about their child is what kind of school to send them to. This decision is crucial for shaping a child’s talents, skills, abilities, academic performance and even their personality to an extent. Choosing the best school for

GCSE Essays: How to Increase Your Child’s Skills

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Maybe your child has memorized every line of their textbooks – sometimes, that’s not enough. GCSE exams aren’t just about knowing the material. In many subjects, particularly the humanities, you also need to demonstrate an ability to make an argument and present your knowledge in a well-structured essay.

Is there room for improvement when it comes to playground safety?

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Playgrounds are a key part of growing up, they’re the hub of playtime, exploring risk and making memories that will last for ever. But what happens when the risk becomes too much? Retailers of lawn top dressing and play bark, Compost Direct, investigate playground safety below:

The benefits of private schooling; from the parent’s perspective

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Every parent has to go through a tough time in deciding the ideal school for their child. While there are a number of options to choose from, there are many parents who prefer a private school over a Government school. Parents tend to scout for schools and carry out

Does Your Child’s School Website Give You the Information You need?

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When seeking admission for your child in school, you only want the best. Every school has its own set of achievements that set it apart from the other, but coming down to one school you want to admit your child in, is a difficult and tedious task. The first

Choosing The Right Family Law Solicitor For You

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Going through a divorce, helping a child through a run-in with the law, or trying to establish legal paternity rights? You’re not alone. Family law services can help you work out any of these trying problems as well as many more. Not all practicing solicitors in this specialty are

Raising the standard – the role of a teaching assistant

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Raising standards of education and training has been a priority for successive UK governments since the Second World War, and it’s one of the few areas in which all political parties can find some level of agreement. Despite limited resources, it must be said that considerable progress has been

How much does the average British family cost?

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Whether you’re considering starting a family of your own or are a current parent who is wondering just how much your children have cost you, now you can find out. True Potential Investor has created their Financing a Family interactive quiz; simply answer a few questions to find out